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The Fresh Freight Group is very much a family business with its roots stretching back to the late 1940’s when James Quigley & sons was established and grew to become one of the largest independent fruit and vegetable retailers in the north east.

In 1975 taking advantage of under used delivery vehicles for the retail business and the liberalisation of the vehicle licensing laws, Fresh Freight was started by Eamon Quigley the current chairman with a second hand Roman truck costing the grand sum of £200!

The early cornerstone of the business was the delivery of fresh produce  to and from Gateshead wholesale market and the import of flowers from the auction in Aalsmer Holland for Joh Bahseen and son which helped us buy our first new vehicle a 16t Scania UNL 840T.

The sensitive nature of the products we transported in the early days instilled a can do attitude which still drives the business to this day

The business continued to grow with the early 80’s seeing the arrival of our first refrigerated truck as we started the move towards offering our customers a complete temperature controlled solution. Always looking for opportunities to complement our services the late 80’s saw the business move into the overnight parcel market first with Captain Cargo and then Fastrack parcels.

In the late 1990’s the IDH brand was created to help this diversification and allow us to deliver service levels born from the just in time nature of refrigerated distribution to a wider spectrum of clients. 2005 saw us move into the overnight pallet market when we became member shareholders of the Pallet Track network, and from modest beginnings of some 127 pallets in the first month, we now some ten years later move over 12000 pallets a month.

Always looking for new markets the SLS brand was created in 2010 and today encompass a vast array of services from car deliveries to urgent air shipments, and allow us to offer a truly unique one stop shop.

Today with a modern fleet of over 60 vehicles and 150000 sq ft of warehousing the size and scale of the business may have changed but the business ethos of listening to our customers and delivering a service tailored to their needs has not.


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